Wills and Executries

Marshall Wilson is very experienced in handling the sensitive issue of Wills and Executries and can advise you on all aspects depending on your individual circumstances. For your information, a Will states who you wish to leave your property, money and other possessions when you die and your Executor is who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes.

In Scotland if a person dies without leaving a will there are laws to deal with what happens with their estate and the resulting process can cause lengthy and costly delays in winding up the estate for those left behind. Unfortunately this is something that many of people choose to put off but in reality making a Will is a very simple process which will save your family both on expense and inconvenience later.

Losing a loved one is a difficult time and whether or not there is a Will, families are faced with the difficult task of winding up the estate. Sometimes this can be attended to by the family but in a lot of cases, particularly when there is property involved, the services of a lawyer is required. Our specialist Wills and Executries department can make the process much easier by providing you with the advice, support and information that you need.

We can also prepare Powers of Attorney including a general Power of Attorney, a Financial Power of Attorney and a Welfare Power of Attorney. And we can also help in applying to the Court for Guardianship Orders when necessary. A Guardianship Order is normally necessary when someone is unable to look after their own affairs as a result of mental or physical frailty and no previous Power of Attorney has been granted.

We can provide specialist help and advice with:

  • Wills and Executries
  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Welfare Power of Attorney
  • Guardianship Orders


Wills and Executries

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Power of Attorney, Guardianship and Making Wills

Falkirk Office: Tel: 01324 612569

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